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July 15, 2010: Mitsuoka Orochi arrived and exhibited at Arabian Bridge Company Riyadh Showroom.

An article was appeared in Al-Jazirah newspaper about the new arrival of Mitsuoka Orochi 2011 model at Arabian Bridge showroom. Al-Jazirah newspaper was the first newspaper to cover the news of Mitsuoka's new model arriving to the Saudi Arabia Market. Please click below link for more details.

Click here→ http://www.al-jazirah.com/20100715/ec19d.htm

January 16, 2010: MITSUOKA OROCHI received GCC Conformity Certificate of 2010.

Arabian Bridge Company, the sole agent for Mitsuoka in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that Mitsuoka Orochi has been approved by the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) and will be launched in the Saudi market within a year.

May 18, 2009: Notice for the establishment of "Arabian Bridge Investment Holding Co.(ABIH)"

On May 18, Chairman Sheikh Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi announced the establishment of Arabian Bridge Investment Holding Company "ABIH" in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ABIH is the first investment holding company in Saudi Arabia that will focus on the Asia Pacific Region. The main goal of ABIH is to invest in listed and unlisted companies, and also to manage assets such as Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), Mutual Funds, Private Equity Funds and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (Ultra-HNWIs) assets through ABIH's subsidiaries.

Furthermore, ABIH aims at playing a vital role in creating investment opportunities in the GCC and Asia Pacific Region.

December 25, 2008: Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi Meets with President of Iraq Jalal Talabani at The President Palace in Sulaimaniya, Iraq to Discuss The Business Opportunity in Iraq and KRG.

The President Jalal Talabani was very happy to meet Chairman Al-Mutairi together with Vice Chairman Choi Kyu-sun of Korean UI Energy Corp., our partner company in Korea. The President stated the strong relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iraq and emphasized the importance of keeping a long-term stable relationship between the neighbor countries.

The president was happy to hear Chairman Al-Mutairi's briefing about Arabian Bridge business activates in the Far East and the GCC region. The President told Chairman Al-Mutairi that AB will get his full support on various businesses including Oil & Gas projects and petrochemical complex business in Iraq.

UI Energy Corporation has been investing in KRG since 2004, and the president showed his appreciation to UI Group's support of reconstruction of the country. President Jalal Talabani also asked Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi to expand the business in Iraq particular in the Southern Iraq.

President Jalal Talabani plans to visit Far East countries in early 2009, and he would like to meet Chairman Al-Mutairi again while he visits Japan.

Meeting with President of Iraq Jalal Talabani
December 24, 2008: Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi Meets with KRG Deputy Prime Minister Omer Fattah at His Office in Erbil, Iraq to Discuss The Business Opportunity in KRG

Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi meets with KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) Deputy Prime Minister Omer Fattah at his office in Erbel. Chairman Al-Mutairi received a big welcome from The Deputy Prime Minister.

Chairman Al-Mutairi briefed the Deputy Prime Minister about Arabian Bridge business activates in the Far East and the GCC region. During the meeting, Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi had a good discussion with the Deputy Prime Minister on infrastructure projects. The Deputy Prime minister emphasized that the region needs supports from the people like Chairman Al-Mutairi on building infrastructure (e.g. Electric Power, Water Supply, High way) in the near future.

Meeting with KRG Deputy Prime Minister Omer Fattah
December 23, 2008: Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi Meets with Minister Herish Muharam at Minister's Office in Erbil, Iraq

Minister Herish Muharam is the Chairman of KRG Iraq Board of Investment. He spent long time with Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi to discuss about Iraq New Investment Law.

Minister Herish Muharam sees great opportunities to do the business with AB in the future. He told Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi that Foreign Investors and Foreign Capitals shall be treated the same way as national Investors and national Capitals.

Meeting with Minister Herish Muharam
December 23, 2008: Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi Meets with Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir at Minister's Office in Erbil, Iraq

Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir is the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations in Iraq. He met with Mr. Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi, Chairman & CEO of Arabian Bridge Company (AB) at the Minister's office in Erbil, Iraq.

Minister Falah and Chairman Al-Mutairi intimately exchanged views on the current global economic climate and general issues related to their respective countries. Their discussion also touched upon AB's business activates and future investment in Iraq.

Minister Falah emphasized to Chairman Turki Al-Mutairi that Iraq political situation is becoming more and more stable. The government encourages foreign investment and will provide preferential treatment when needed. The Minister was very happy to see Saudi Arabia investor to be in Iraq and indicated that he would do his best to support AB's future business in Iraq.

Meeting with Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir
November 10, 2008: Tokyo office of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd. moved

On 27 October 2008, the main office of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd.(Tokyo office) moved to the following address.
There is our new office in the 10th floor of a new building completed in June of this year. We can take very big "Tokyo Tower" from the window of this office.

<< New Address >>
Onarimon Odakyu Bldg. - 10th Floor
3-23-11 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
TEL : +81-3-6402-5155
FAX : +81-3-6402-5156

The Tokyo Tower
September 1, 2008: A Strategic Alliance Agreement was concluded between UI Energy Corporation and Arabian Bridge on August 29th 2008

Arabian Bridge and UI Energy Corporation, one of the major Korean petroleum companies signed a strategic alliance agreement in Seoul, Korea on August 29th.

Both parties agreed to jointly pursue and participate in the investment of projects for development of oil, gas and other energy related business.
By having entered an agreement with UI Energy Corporation, Arabian Bridge will find ourselves acting more assertively in promoting energy related business not only in Japanese market but also in other Asian countries.

Mr.Choi Kyu-Sun, Exective Vice-Chairman of UI Energy and Mr. Turki, Chairman of AB
July 24, 2008: A business meeting was held with the Prince Turki on May 7th 2008

Chairman Turki had a business meeting with H.R.H. Prince Turki Bin Abdulrahman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Hamwah, the CEO of Modern Chemical Company. Prince Turki demonstrates his business talents as the owner of two companies, Modern Chemical Company and Modern Mining Holdings. In the meeting, Prince Turki passionately expressed his ambitions that he would like to actively pursue tighter business relationships between Japan and Saudi in Petrochemical and Real Estate sectors through Arabian Bridge.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Hamwah, H.R.H. Prince Turki and Mr. Turki of AB ;from the left
June 9, 2008: President Turki Al-Mutairi appeared in 'World Business Satellite'

On 6 June 2008, TV Tokyo featured a special grogram in "World Business Satellite (WBS)" titled "Chase the Money of Emerging countries".
WBS reported that recent high energy price provided huge benefits to some emerging countries such as Russia, Middle East. Huge amount of money has flowed into these markets, and the flow of the money starts to change… The program gave the coverage of investment trends in these emerging countries.

In the show, Mr. Turki Al-Mutairi, Chairman and CEO of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd. indicated that the Middle East Money will increase from current US$ 3 trillions to US$ 12 trillions in 2018. It is believed that this has very important meaning to Japanese companies including Real Estate Industry.

[ Here is the link... ]
==> http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=_gO0TavL3MM

[ Official site of "WBS" of TV Tokyo ]
==> http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/wbs/

World Business Satellite (WBS)
May 21, 2008:'Interview of Mr. Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi "Bin Habshan" was placed in the monthly economic magazine 'NIKKEI MONEY'

'NIKKEI MONEY; July' on sale today placed the special issue titled `Catch the wave of buying Japanese Stocks' ; approach to the Japanese Market focused by government funds , assets for the Sovereign Wealth funds (SWF), and foreign investors in the global financial market.

In this interview Mr. Turki Al-Mutairi, Chairman and CEO of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd. mentioned what the government funds consider to invest to Japan and which Japanese stocks to be candidates.

※ For more detailed information regarding this article, please click the right picture.

Click here!
April 30, 2008: Notice for the establishment of "Arabian Bridge Capital (AB Capital)"

Arabian Bridge has retained Ernst & Young Consulting Limited Saudi Arabia, one of the largest consulting companies in Saudi Arabia as its advisor to provide assistance in the preparation of documentation for it's planned application to the CMA (Capital Monetary Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to obtain 5 licenses. The 5 licenses applied for includes; Advisory, Arranging, Managing, Dealing/Brokerage and Custody. Arabian Bridge will establish a joint venture (Arabian Bridge (AB)Capital) with Japanese and Saudi Arabian investors . AB capital will be an asset management and brokerage company that will undertake the planned activities.
Turki Ghazi Al-Mutari (Bin Habshan), the president and CEO of Arabian Bridge met all concerned parties in Riyadh on April 23 and started the program. (See picture on right)

The main goal of AB Capital is to manage assets for the Sovereign Wealth funds (SWF), corporations and individuals in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East including the gulf cooperation council (GCC). However, the services to be provided will not be limited to the mentioned countries only but we also plan to extend these services to investors in Japan as well as other Asian countries.

Meeting with Ernst & Young
February 4, 2008: "Turki Al-Mutairi appeared in 'World Business Satellite.'"

Turki Al-Mutairi, the president of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd. was interviewed on "World Business Satellite (WBS)" which is an economy news show of TV Tokyo Corporation and appeared in the show that broadcasted at 23:00 on February 1st.
OPEC announced the send-off for pumping more crude oil due to the high-price of it, but the aim of the interview was to ask him regarding "what do the government funds and individual investors who are holding abundant funds in the Middle East oil producing countries observe in Japan" since he has cordial relationship between the foreign royal families and the government funds.

※ For more detailed information regarding TV Tokyo corporation "World Business Satellite," please access to this URL.
==> http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/wbs/news/080201/n2.html

World Business Satellite (WBS)
December 18, 2007: "Arabian Business Seminar" took place in Tokyo

We have held "Arabian Business Seminar" for 3 consecutive months, October 11th, November 13th and December 12th. The main theme of this seminar is to provide right information of the Middle East gulf coast countries to Japanese companies, and to expand new opportunities between the Middle East and Japan by receiving a great deal of attention from Japanese companies.
At the first seminar in October, Mr. Yoshiki Hatanaka (Advisor, Energy and Environment Program) of International Development Center of Japan delivered a lecture, "The Middle East Gulf Coast Countries Enter the Second Heyday ~ Growing Higher Expectations to Japan."
At the second seminar in November, Mr. Shuji Hosaka (Senior Research Fellow, GCC Group) of The Institute of Economics Japan delivered a lecture, "The Society System in the Gulf Coast Countries ~ Traditional & Conversion."
At the third seminar in December, Mr. Yuzoh Waki (Deputy Chief Editorial Writer) of NIKKEI Newspaper delivered a lecture, "Structural Changes in the Middle East and Japan ~ Increasing the Development Needs & The Times for Interactive Investment."
From the listeners, we recognized that they were able to gain the correct information of the Middle East gulf coast countries, and find more business opportunities at the Middle East than before. In addition, the last seminar had been recorded by a TV station in Tokyo, and Arabian Business Seminar was broadcast on TV, "World Business Satellite" at the midnight on the same day we held the seminar.

December 3, 2007: Dubai Office Opened

In November, we opened our new office at level 41, Emirates Towers in Dubai.
Stunning Emirates Towers is within walking distance of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the financial hub of the Middle East. It is positioned near the World Trade Centre and Sheikh Zayed Road. Considered the best commercial address in the Middle East, the Towers symbolize the growing importance of Dubai in the world market and it will take a great role in our important business base point.

(Dubai Office Address)
Level 41, Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, P. O. Box 31303, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Towers
October 15, 2007: Arabian Business Seminar took place on Oct 11

Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd. Tokyo office held the first Arabian Business Seminar at Toranomon Pastoral Hotel in Tokyo on October 11, 2007.
The purpose of this seminar was to familiarize Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern Gulf countries to Japanese business organization, and to create more business opportunities between Japan and GCC.

There was a keynote lecture from Mr. Yoshiki Hatanaka, Advisor of Energy and Environment Program of IDCJ (International Development Center of Japan), who visits Gulf countries every month and is well conversant with Middle Eastern Economies. Also some specific investment projects regarding Saudi Arabia's Petrochemical were introduced.

There were about 50 participants to this seminar, and it turned out to be a great success. The Second Arabian Business Seminar will be held on November 13, and the Third will be on December 12.

Arabian Business Seminar
October 1, 2007: The interview of President Turki Al-Mutairi appeared in a magazine,"Security Specialist Association"

We are introduced by "The Security Specialist Association, Oct. 2007" (monthly magazine). This magazine is read by many people working in a security firm and the company of the guard system. And our company was introduced to this magazine as one of "the prospective companies".
You can see our President Turki Al-Mutairi's interview on 5 pages. He said about Company's information and how to make business both Japan and Saudi Arabia.

"Grow Up Business Chance of Saudi Arabia"
*We have ready to extend Japanese company business
 *We needs Company's strategy "Decide on the spot"
 *I am the only businessman as a well versed in each country
 *We need a lot of industry what we are thinking insufficient
 *Unknowing each culture makes misunderstanding

And other information what you are interesting and needs.

Security Specialist Association(monthly magazine)
May 25, 2007:An article was appeared in the newspaper about our Riyadh Showroom open.

Newspaper article about our showroom open was covered in Saudi major newspapers.
We are introducing two coverage here. One is a newsprint on general newspaper (SHAMS), and the other is from economic newspaper (Al-Eqtisadiah).

Click the photograph on the right side to get enlarged view.

Click here for Al-Eqtisadiah's homepage

Click here!
April 23, 2007: Riyadh Mitsuoka Showroom opened!

"Riyadh Mitsuoka Showroom", after many delays due to the late arrival of the cars, finally opened on April 23.
Visitors from Saudi and neighbor countries were fascinated by full-blown dignity of "Galue", which were exhibited in the spacious showroom (more than 500 m2). Sales negotiation started right away. Also, visitors asked staff many questions with absorbing interest on the special exhibition of "Orochi Nude-top Roadster".

We will hold "special exhibition" in other places in the near future. "Nouera" and "Galue Convertible" will appear at that time as well.

** Showroom Location **
Mecca & Khurais Rd Al-Rabawa Dist.

Riyadh Mitsuoka Showroom
March 19, 2007: Islamic Economy Featured in "Diamond Weekly". Article on President of Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd., Mr. Al-Mutairi is also reviewed.

32 pages of special features on the Islamic economy on March 24 issue of Diamond Weekly, "The Amazing Islam". The conventional image of the equation "Middle East = Conflict, Crude source" is out of place in the modern age. The number comprehensibly describes the actual state of the rapidly growing Islamic economy using on-site reports.
Arabian Bridge Co., Ltd, president Mr. Al-Mutairi speaks of the characteristics of Japanese business manners viewed from a Saudi Arabian perspective. "The Japanese are indecisive while the Saudi Arabians make snap decisions. The Japanese, however, abide by the rule with integrity once decided." - etc. These are his honest opinions from his long experience of residing in Japan, from understanding and loving the Japanese culture.

As is depicted in this number, the Saudi Arabian market still has many problems. However, revolution is rapidly in progress. If you were to start a business in the Middle East, the Saudi is the most exiting and has the most possibilities of success.

Diamond Weekly
March 16, 2007: Change of Riyadh-Mitsuoka Showroom Grand Opening Date

Due to the delayed arrival of Riyadh for the show model automobile, the grand opening date of Riyadh-Mitsuoka Showroom will be changed to April 1st. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused and thank you for your understanding.
We will launch operations from the 1st of April, and are also planning a "special exposition" inviting both domestic and international guests to celebrate Riyadh-Mitsuoka's adoption of Saudi Arabia. Don't miss it!

* Details of the "Special Exposition" will be updated once fixed.

February 22, 2007: The opening date of Riyadh-Mitsuoka Showroom is set.

The grand opening of Riyadh-Mitsuoka Showroom is fixed on March 25th. Riyadh-Mitsuoka looks onto the main street where showrooms of various automobile manufacturers are massed and has the best geographical location with 575 square meter space.
On the opening day, "Orochi Nude-Top Roadster" will be displayed as show model with the cooperation of Mitsuoka Motors Co., Ltd. We are sure that Saudi Arabian customers will be very surprised!

The homepage of Mitsuoka Motors Co., Ltd.
===> http://www.mitsuoka-motor.com/

Mitsuoka Orochi Nude-Top Roadster
February 22, 2007: Attended the "Saudi Arabian Automobile Service Industry Seminar."" was held.

On February 22, hosted by Japan Cooperate Center for the Middle East, "Saudi Arabian Automobile Service Industry Seminar" was held, and Arabian Bridge also attended.
Among "Saudi National Industry Cluster Development Program" presented at "Japan-Saudi Business Council" held on 20th, this time, presentation was focused especially on "Automobile Industry Cluster." It is expected that Japanese companies are participating in Saudi Arabian automobile industry which has tremendous growth potential.
During the discussion after the presentation, active exchanges of view were made. Attendees questioned regarding custom duties in the case of Saudi Arabian import /export and pointed out about the problem of Middle East/African Markets.
For company like Arabian Bridge which aims to participate in Middle Eastern automobile industry, there is no doubt that big business opportunity has arrived in despite of the fact Saudi is still facing several challenges.

February 20, 2007: "The 8th Japan-Saudi Arabia Business Council" was held.

On February 20, Arabian Bridge attended "The 8th Japan-Saudi Arabia Business Council Joint Committee" (at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo), and President Turki Al-Mutairi sat on the table as one of the Arabian representative.
The committee started with the opening greeting made by co-president of both countries at 9am. Mr. Hiromichi Watanabe, the vice ministry of economy, trade and industry, and Mr. Failsal Bin Hassan Bin Ahmed Trad, Saudi Arabian ambassador to Japan, gave a speech as guests. Brief overview of the meeting is as follows.

-First Session: [Both countries' Investment environment and situation of investment promotion activity]
Economical situation of Japan and Saudi Arabia was reported as well as activities done by Japan Cooperate Center for the Middle East, JETRO and SAGIA.
-Second Session: [Business Opportunity / New Business]
From Japan side, Japan Bank for International Cooperation and Mizuho Corporate Bank had presented cooperation and perspective with Saudi Arabia. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Hitachi had made the presentation on "New Transportation System." From Saudi side, important information regarding "National Industry Cluster Development Program" were provided.
-Third Session: [Situation of Joint Venture]
In third session, each representative from Saudi Petrochemical Co., Unicharm Corporation and Yokogawa Electric Corporation had presented the successful example of joint venture.

After the presentation, free discussion, confirmation of the agreement, greeting from chairperson of two nations, exchange of commemorative gift took place. 5-hours council finished very successfully. The 9th council is scheduled to be held at Saudi Arabia in autumn this year.

Japan-Saudi Business Council Joint Meeting
February 13, 2007: President Turki Al-Mutairi appeared in Bloomberg television.

We uploaded a broadcast video of Bloomberg TV which President Turki Al-Mutairi appeared on February 2.
You can watch a video by click a right image.

To watch a video click this image
January 31, 2007: President Turki Al-Mutairi made a courtesy call to Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Tokyo.

On January 31, President Turki Al-Mutairi made a courtesy call to Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Tokyo and had a meeting with Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Japan, H.E. Mr. Faisal Hassan Trad. The Ambassador appeared in full dress to welcome the president and he was very happy to know that a Saudi Arabian could successfully found a company in Japan. He said, "I am expecting that business exchanges in the private sector between Saudi and Japan can open up more and more through Arabian Bridge's activities".
Arabian Bridge office is walking distance from the Embassy, sort of like "neighbors" to each other. Ambassador Faisal Trad and President Turki Al-Mutairi shook hands with a firm grip. They both agreed to collaborate closely in the future to enhance friendship and future-oriented partnershipB between Saudi and Japan.

Ambassador Faisal Trad and President Turki Al-Mutairi
January 30, 2007: Company President's interview with "Bloomberg Television" recorded

On January 30, President Turki Al-Mutairi appeared in "Bloomberg Television" studio as a guest. The president answered questions about current economic situation of Saudi Arabia and investments to Japan by Saudi Arabian investors.
This program will be broadcasted on February 2, from 9:18 to 9:24. And it is going to be broadcasted several times afterwards in the same day. In addition, it will be broadcasted on Internet in the same time. Please take this opportunity to watch it. We are preparing to link the broadcast to our homepage in the near future as well.

Bloomberg Television
November 6, 2006: Signing of official contract with Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

On November 2, the official contract-signing ceremony of Mitsuoka Motor Company's sales in Saudi Arabia was held at Mitsuoka Motors’ Edogawa Showroom. Akio Mitsuoka (president) stated, “We are expecting good results from Arabian Bridge’s sales”. Arabian Bridge president, Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi, showed his confidence when he said that he was looking forward to the results.
The first showroom in Riyadh will open early next year carrying on a full-scale sales operation for Mitsuoka’s left-hand drive vehicles.

October 28, 2006: Company president featured in Nihon Keizai Shimbun article

An article featuring the Company president, Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi was published on the October 26 issue of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The article is reproduced here in its entirety.


June: In a building in Toranomon, Tokyo, a small company called Arabian Bridge commenced operations. Just as the name implies, its aim is to intermediate business exchange between Japan and Middle East countries. At present, its main business are in trade; however, the company’s Saudi-Arabian-born president, Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi, stated that from now on, the company wanted to focus on supporting Middle Eastern investment in Japan.
Turki Ghazi Al-Mutairi obtained a Masters Degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology. While still a student, he had planned to start his own business and decided that with Japan’s growing presence, now would be an ideal time to establish a company. He noted more interest in M & A (mergers and acquisitions) businesses than investing in Japanese stocks. He also noted that in Japan there were more than a few corporations that despite offering high technology had issues with management and capital, meaning that potential in purchasing these companies could be attractive to Saudi Arabian investors looking for a profitable use for their excess funds.
“Traditionally, Saudi Arabian corporations have invested mainly in Europe and the US, which means that the links with Japan have been poor. However, there are an increasing number of people who would invest in Japan now if given the opportunity to do so,” continued Mr. Turki. Arabian Bridge has also established a company in Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh that has completed its own market research targeting investment in Japan and commenced advertising to an audience of Saudi Arabian investors.
Approximately one half of the total 2 trillion dollars of Middle East oil money is owned by individuals such as those of royalty and industrialists, all of whom use a professional investment advisor. It is a world in which personal trust means far more important than the scale of the corporation, a world in which the possibilities for a previous exchange student are infinite.
How does one then go about utilizing and expanding upon these personal contacts? That is, without doubt, the key to attract Middle Eastern funds to Japan.

October 11, 2006: Saudi Arabian office opened in Riyadh!

One high-rise building stands strikingly out in the cityscape of Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh. The building is Kingdom Centre and is home to Kingdom Holding Company, owned by Prince Al-Waleed, the world’s third-wealthiest person. The 28th floor is also home to our new office. Fully prepared to go with exceptional marketing managers and equally accomplished staff, the office will become the base for our Middle Eastern business activities.