Expanding Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabian Market
Business Introduction

Business Overview

2, Energy Business

(1)Supply Energy

The world°«s economy literally runs on energy. To support continued economic progress for the world°«s growing population, more energy will be needed.


The biggest advantage that Arabian Bridge has is the strong and broad network with oil and gas producing countries. We have been supplying Oil, LNG, and other petroleum products to Japan and other Far East countries using our own network to meet higher energy requirements in Asia.


(2)Development of Energy Resources

Energy Business

By taking a long-term approach, Arabian Bridge optimally positioned to capture a balanced portfolio of new, high-quality opportunities, including participating in developing new oil and gas resources in Africa and Saudi Arabia. We continue to demonstrate an ability to deliver superior returns from upstream projects through disciplined investment and leading project execution.

2, Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Globalization is driving worldwide growth, and business opportunities can be found in more countries and regions of the world than ever before. Arabian Bridge is playing a critical role in an increasingly complex and borderless world. In fact, our role in contributing to the integrity of the capital markets by providing transparent, accurate services never has been more valued.


Today, Japan faces an era of low growth. Even though many Japanese companies have superior level of technology and service, they have much work to do to find business solution to solve their financial and management difficulties. We help these companies to find right business partners by moving ahead on M&A in order for them to improve competitiveness in the world market. Meanwhile, we help the capital markets to be efficient and help investors to understand the companies they are investing in. By doing so, we are constantly looking ahead to create value for our clients.

3, Consulting & Distributorship

Consulting & Distributorship

Arabian Bridge has a multiservice development consulting division that provides expert advice and services to international programs, projects and multilateral organizations that wish to conduct business in the Middle East countries. Drawing from our varied experiences of our consultants, we are able to provide personnel and logistical support to implement a given project successfully.


We also maintain a wide network of in-country affiliations with organizations and individuals at both local and national levels throughout the regions. As a result, Arabian Bridge has the ability to provide consulting services that combine technical skills with cultural sensitivity which are essential to the unique socio-economic conditions present in each individual country. Our services include overseas subsidiary or plant set up, business matching, open distributing agent and other required based business consulting services.

4, Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business

Many programs of economic reform and liberalization are carrying on in Middle East countries. As a result, many countries are focusing their efforts on boosting non-oil growth. In this regard, countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia will continue to promote a progressive economic agenda, built around economic diversification and enhancing the role of the private sector. Similarly, the government will take steps to further promote foreign investment, including real estate sector.


Real Estate Business

Our goal is to continuously expand our business in this fast developing real estate sector that currently offers inimitable property investment opportunity with the potential for substantial short term growth and significant long term yields. Key focusing areas are:

Real Estate Business

5, IT Business

IT Business

Our IT division specializes in a wide range of information technology solutions for your company, including applications development, new e-solutions introduction, e-security management and infrastructure maintenances and many other information technology services and IT operations.

6, Overseas Product Distributions & Sales

Overseas Product Distributions & Sales

We opened Arabian Web shop °»Sahara Door°… in December 2007 to sale interiors and other sundry articles imported from the Middle East and North Africa countries. We believe our exotic products will enrich your lives by adding the colors to your lifestyles.